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Bring the fresh review by The Internet Marketing Guy

Bring the Fresh is an Internet Marketing program composed by Kelly Felix and Mike Long mainly focussing on Search Engine optimization. Compared to other internet marketing courses, Bring The Fresh is not just another course. This one can be used by either new and seasoned internet marketeers. For newbie marketeers there is the fast start guide created by Kelly Felix which is a very detailed procedure of how to setup your new product website.

The Bring The Fresh fast start guide is:

  • a complete guide of how to research your keywords
  • a complete guide to onpage SEO
  • a complete step-by-step guide of how to setup your site and how to configure the plugins
  • a complete guide of backlinking methods and tools to use

Bring The Fresh, real proof!

To illustrate the above points, Kelly has created some video’s that dig deeper in the theoretical part of the fast start guide. This video’s contain a full case study of one of his real money making sites. Bring The Freshis showing you the real things, with real examples of real people earning money online!

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Bring the Fresh, hours of video

In the video section, you will find a huge interview section where Kelly and Mike tell about the projects they worked on before. In the behind the scenes video section, you can find a video about Kelly telling about his first big project “The Rich jerk” which brought in a huge amount of money.

In the “lastest case studies” section you will find some video’s by Mike interviewing normal Internet Marketeers that managed to earn quite some money by following the guidelines on Bring The Fresh. This section is the one that will give you courage to keep working on your projects. This is the proof that showing determination finally pays-off!

Bring The Fresh extra stuff

When you sign up for Bring the Fresh you will get some extra stuff next to the quality content i already discussed above.

  • you can claim your “Done for You” website for free, normally valued at $1.000
  • you will also be able to grab a copy of Mike’s Annihilation Engine Ebook
  • get access to the Bring The Fresh forum with tons of quality information

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Bring The Fresh review final conclusion

Bring The Fresh comes in 2 flavours, you have the:

  • basic membership
  • full disclosure membership

at 2 different prices. You will get a lifetime membership for $97 and you can upgrade this at any time to the full disclosure membership $67/month. After 6 months the full disclosure membership will become free, so basically you will pay $402 to upgrade your membership from basic to full disclosure.

My opinion, if you have money to buy only 1 Internet Marketing course, spend it on Bring The Fresh. This is the real deal, this guys offer you true value for your money and give you great support. Mike and Kelly give you their email address and answer to any question you ask them. Kelly is even that crazy to give his cell phone number!

Don’t forget to take a look at the Bring The Fresh website!

Bring The Fresh Video

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